Indian Creator Economy | Recent Growth in Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing industry has grown rapidly in the last few years. Creating a marketing strategy without incorporating social media channels is nearly impossible. 

Consumption of media content has been stoked by both the coronavirus pandemic and an ever-increasing use of the internet worldwide. As a result of an increasingly disjointed world, a new generation of content creators and influencers has emerged in every household, driving up demand for online media. Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular as a result of this shift. Every company's marketing strategy is dominated by influencer and social media marketing. 

The growth of India's creator economy is being fueled by the growing interest of brands in influencer marketing. The market for influencer marketing is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25 percent through 2025 to reach Rs. 2,200 crore, according to the figures. Influencer marketing is also bringing in more content creators and collaborators because of its rapid adoption. 

There are currently more than 50 million creators in the world. India's creator economy is at a critical juncture, and the need for high-quality content creators is at an all-time high. 

A Career in Content Creation

Brands are focusing on creating brand stories to activate emotions and communicate values in this era of fierce business competition. The only way to generate revenue is to tell compelling brand stories. Increasingly, marketers are looking to influencers and content creators for inspiration. 

Content creation became so popular during the pandemic that many people decided to make it their full-time profession. 60% of content creators and influencers plan to make content creation a full-time career in the 2020s, according to a recent report. Since 73% of brand managers and influencers and 27% of traditional celebrities prefer to work with content creators and influencers, this shows that content creation is a viable career option for many people. Content producers such as Tanmay Bhat, Carryminati, Ashish Chanchlani, and Technical Guruji have made their careers out of creating it. 

Possible Ways to Make Money

Social media platforms are releasing new formats to help content creators monetize their content in light of the rapid growth of content creators. As well as following, niche, engagement rates, and other metrics that can help generate a recurring revenue stream, creators and influencers pay attention to other factors as well. 

Influencers and content creators can now make money from their passion or turn it into a career through the side hustle of creating content. Since they're diversifying their revenue streams, influencers are also helping to support the creator economy. 

Creationists' Ever-Increasing Reach

Content creators who want to make a career out of their craft spend countless hours researching the types of content their target audience prefers to consume on various social media platforms. Content creators are increasingly striving to tailor their work to the preferences of the people who will read it. Brands benefit from this because it allows them to build a more targeted following while enhancing their influencer marketing strategies. 

Social media platforms have a wide reach and the ability to reach millions of people at once, making them ideal for disseminating information. This enables influencers and content creators to collaborate, expand their audience, and maximise their reach through this platform. 

The Availability of Online Media

More than 500 million Indians currently use the internet, and another 500 million will do so in the next five to ten years. Almost 4 billion people around the world use social media platforms as a result of the rapid growth of the internet.

Since anyone can create and post content for free and make it available to viewers all over the world, digital content is readily available to everyone. Due to its accessibility, social media platforms are constantly updating their technology with new tools for editing content and posting it. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are spending a lot of money to make it easier for people to create their own content. 


The creator economy is undeniably booming, thanks to social media platforms' billions of dollars in support of creators and marketers' substantial investments in connecting with those creators. Using the power of their work, these influencers and content producers are encouraging their followers to take action and become new content consumers. 

If you want your customers to fall in love with your brand, you have to show them that you have what it takes. Collaborating on projects that cater to their target audience, they are working with the best content producers and social media influencers.

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